The Experience

Moses the Cat and Friends-

For years I have had problems when it came to trimming my cats, nails. He would hide or avoid me for days. I asked Roxi to explain to him that I needed to trim his nails. She suggested I wait a few days so she could contact him. So a few days later I scooped him up, which isn't easy to do and we trimmed his nails. He was perfectly calm and it was the easiest trim we ever had thanks to Roxi. I wish I had found her years ago, certainly there would have been less frustration for all of us. Thank you Roxi!- Betty M , Minnesota

Truffles the Goat"

I contacted Roxi after I added a new goat to our dairy barn. Soon after joining the herd, Truffles developed an odd posture, and then began hiding herself away from the other goats. We had her checked by a vet and couldn’t find anything to be concerned about. At a loss, I asked Roxi if she could do a reading and ask Truffles what was troubling her. Roxi had her session with Truffles; and it made me a believer.Roxi told me that someone (another goat) was being mean to her, saying mean things. She indicated an older nanny. Truffles had a feeling of a waiting ambush. Also Zinc and magnesium had come up in the reading. I wasn’t sure what to make of that because we had had her checked out and she seemed fine. Out of more curiosity than anything else, I looked up magnesium/zinc in my herd book and just about fell out of my chair! There it was…low magnesium will give a goat a peculiar posture of hunched back, legs tucked underneath, etc. I couldn’t believe it! So we put Truffles on a supplement, and then built a quiet corner with three sides so Truffles would not feel so exposed. It worked like a charm.Truffles is doing well and slowly is becoming comfortable with her new herd. Thanks Roxi!"Cindy K. Wisconsin

Candie the Bulldog"

Candie came to us after living in a dark and dirty van for two years: she had issues with wanting to dominant and had food aggression.Roxi did a reading for me on Candie and discovered the problem. Candie was concerned about the other dog that shared the van with her, would he be OK? Would we (my husband and I) be patient and were we in it forever? What about the other dogs already in the house, did they want her?How about all the space (big house and yard)? Was it safe?After Roxi shared Candie's concerns, it was much easier to help Candie adjust and address exactly what her fears were.Roxi was right on target! candie is now spayed, vaccinated and making amazing progress everyday.Thanks Roxi!"Chrystal L. Wisconsin

Storm and Bella"Roxanne Peltier has helped me numerous times over the years. I’ve had energetic cleansings personally and have had help me with my cats on several occasions. I recently brought a new kitten into my home and there were no problems in the beginning. But rather suddenly, my six years old male cat, Storm, began attacking the younger female, Bella, for no apparent reason. Roxanne spoke to both of them and found out the kitten had over- stepped her boundary set by Storm. After two more conversations and a little energy work with emotions, they are now cleaning each other and playing together. If it hadn’t been for Roxi, I’m not sure what would have happened. She is my miracle worker and I will continue to go to her anytime I need assistance, either with my animals or my personal self.” Ryan R. Wisconsin