Sometimes we need a little help from someone with a different perspective; whether it involves a behavior, the loss of a companion or even questions concerning an upcoming litter or a life changing event that affects our lives and consequently, the lives of our animal companions. Behaviors can be temporarily trained into management, but until you find the reason for the behavior it will likely return. Why does she suddenly pee on the floor after years of using the litter box? The loss of an animal companion always comes with questions. Did I do the right thing? Why did they leave? Where do they go? Is it the end for them? Could I have done something else? A major event can leave you with many concerns, both for you and your animal companion. How do I raise a litter so thatthe puppies have every advantage? Mom and her cat are moving in and how do I help my cats cope with this change? We have to move to town and how do I let my horses know that they will be living somewhere else, but I will still see them? And I still love them?


Many of these questions and others can be addressed through a combination of shared communication and healing energy, giving you the tools to enhance the life you and your animal companion share. It is my desire to help guide you to a place of harmony. Please tell me what I can do to help you and your companion. Include their name, species , breed, sex and a quick physical description along with the issue at hand, if any. All information is confidential.


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