Sampler of Case Studies

#71212C- Where’s my place?

The Issue after 14 years of living together, two Persian cats began urinating on the floor of the bathroom, near the litter box but not in it. They were also marking the front entryway. The guardian, having very good knowledge of cat behavior, reported that nothing in the house had changed. There was no new litter, no new air fresheners, no rubber backed rugs, no stress in the house (guardian lived alone). She also reported that the amount and frequency of their urinating was normal. She added that the smaller cat had started to push the larger cat out of the food bowl after years of sharing it. And, she had seen a cat outside on occasion hanging around at night so she closed the shades before bed, but other than that nothing out of the ordinary was happening. The Session- (2 sessions, approximately one week-remote)After receiving permission, I spoke to the cats’ one at a time. The little one (‘White’) was definitely king of the house, everything was his and he wasn’t crazy about sharing, even though the larger cat (‘Grey’) had been there when White arrived. White was very confident about his position in the house and informed me that his person knew he was important. He liked his housemate very much but sometimes Grey just needed to be reminded that everything was his.Grey was feeling his age a little, not as spry as he used to be. Though not really expressing it in words or pictures, I could feel the sensation of being displaced. Not unloved, but displaced. Grey was happy, loved his person very much and knew his person loved him, but there was a little tension between grey and White that had not been there before. There had been an energetic shift and Grey was looking at things differently because of it. The Guided TreatmentAfter determining the issues I was guided to separate litter boxes and separate food bowls to let both cats know that Grey had a position in the house that was equal to White’s. Grey’s litter box was moved to the basement since he liked that coolness down there and we also agreed that Grey needed a little more time with his person, one on one. Along with that it was suggested a special pillow or blanket in the living room that was Grey’s alone and could not be used by White. This particular issue did take some awareness and consistency on the part of the guardian, but after a few weeks, white came to understand that this blanket was only for Grey. After a week or so, the urinating in unwanted places ended and harmony was restored between the two cats.

#111208D-Blasto Comfort

The Issue 'Pete’ is a 2+ year old Dalmatian mix diagnosed with Balsto. Guardian contacted me to offer Pete support while he went through treatment. He lives with three other house companions and two guardians. The Sessions Condensed (4 sessions, one month-remote)The first session Pete told me of ‘fire’, which I had felt…stomach and brain …and an uneasiness with the male guardian, cause unknown at that time. The second session revealed less fire. Pete’s eyes were ‘scratchy’; he had a concern with his brain. I felt dizziness on the initial contact. One week later on the third session he was in very high spirits but his eyes were feeling a lot of pressure, either inside the eye or just behind. I was also directed to his waist, meaning kidney or bladder, and was feeling a cramping type pain. Twice I had a sharp pain in my left leg-once at ankle, once at knee. I am guided to understand that this particular pain is unrelated to Balsto. Pete shows me a picture of one of his housemates, ‘Hope’ who is walking in the woods with his female guardian, very happy smelling all the smells. Unknown as to why Pete shows me this. Pete reports that his male guardian does not listen to him. Fourth session is Pete concerned with his female guardian, urges me to talk with her about taking care of herself. This is very important to him. He is feeling much better, eyes are better and no fire in body. The Guided TreatmentOn the first session I was guided to cool the fire, fire being fever. Blue-White energy was washed through Pete’s entire body to cool him, paying particular attention to the stomach (possibly caused by antibiotics) and the brain. Second session fire was done but eyes were very achy and Pete had a good bit of dizziness. I was guided to use Gold energy to soothe his eyes and to get blood circulating better in them. Gold energy washed throughout bladder and kidneys. Pete is very content. Forth session, after talking with Pete, became more about the guardians, as Pete was feeling almost himself (high energy, no fire, no dizziness). I’m guided to discuss antioxidants FOR the guardians, female especially and to remind them to listen to what their companions are telling them. Interesting that Pete was more concerned with his guardians and asked me to intercede. Reminds me to keep open and let God guide me, rather than me trying to guide me.

#112008D- A Time to Pass

The Issue Hope is a deaf Dalmatian diagnosed with bone cancer. Guardian contacted me to help him in whatever way Hope needed the support. He was a rescue and the guardian wished to know more about his life before she met him, she had a feeling her time with him was short. The Sessions Condensed- (3 sessions, 12 days, remote and present)First session was less productive, Hope was not willing to talk at first, not necessarily wanting to speak about what had happened in the past. He liked his person now and that was all he cared about. After explaining that his person wanted to know him better he did share that his name was ‘Spot’ or ‘Speckles’, two children lived with him or were around him very often and that one of the children was ‘mean’. He was often ignored and sometimes went without food, or did not get good food. He related how wonderful his life was with his current guardian. Physically Hope had low energy, was overall achy and I came to understand that he was very close to his release from this physical plane. This information was not to be discussed with guardian per Hope.Second session was done in person and first order of business was to balance Hopes energy, opening his chakras and getting a smooth, unobstructed flow of energy. While doing this I am guided to understand that it is my place to only relieve the pain, not reduce the cancer. (I was expecting different information.) We concentrated on the removal of pain, the balancing of energy in Hope.Third session (2 days later) was remote because Hope had been very tired from the previous day’s journey. Guardian reported Hope was slow in moving, very happy but seemed tired and stiff. He also ‘whined a bit.’ We consulted her vet and increased pain meds. I am guided to understand the guardian now knows hope will pass very soon. Guardians concerns were now in understanding what would happen to Hope. Would he just stop existing? If not, will he be deaf. These were very important questions for the guardian and, in order to have peace, she needed the true answers. The Guided TreatmentThe first session was mostly based on comfort. I was guided to use blue-white energy to relive pain and then envelope Hope in a pink blanket for extended comfort. Hope sent me a picture of a mattress (which I told the guardian) and I also received information on nutrition, 10-14% carbohydrates with liver and antioxidants would be beneficial.The second session was interesting to me as an energy worker because I was specifically guided, not to lessen the cancer, but to relieve Hope’s pain. I was guided to understand that each animal we work with has different needs and they do not always mirror the needs of the guardians. In this particular case, I was there to make the passing as easy as possible, for Hope and for his guardian, whom he loved very deeply. I informed the guardian that I was led to work on the release of pain and this made the guardian very happy. (I thought she would be more interested in ridding his body of cancer, but had said it was up to Hope as to what he needed.) With that in mind negative and painful energy was released and pink soothing energy was used in its stead.The third session we again did pain release on hope’s body. Guardian was concerned not only about the fact that Hope was lethargic, but now her concern turned to what would happen to him. Her questions had to do with how Hope would be when he had returned to God. Would he still be deaf? Would he be able to hear her when she talked to him? How would she know if she should help him pass?I reassured her that, in my experience, every living creature passes over into perfection- they are entering the Divine Energy of God-returning to the perfect energy they were born from. He could not help but hear her if she spoke to him. It is only his body that passes, not him. As to how she would know if she should help him pass, that was up to Hope. I asked her to find a quiet time with him twice a day and empty her mind of all distractions, than ask him. She would have a sign and she would know. He would find the sign that she could read. Maybe it would be physical, maybe a voice or it may be a sensing. But it is always definite. If she doubted the meaning, reverse the question I told her and she would not receive an answer.Several days later the guardian called to tell me she had received her sign from Hope and helped him pass over. She reported that while she was quite miserable in some respects she was in a sense happy that he was whole again and free from the pains of this life.At a later date she asked me if Hope was still near her because she thought she had heard him barking in the woods behind their house. When I asked spiritually who was near the guardian I received a vision of a white field covered in black polka dots. I also reported the message he asked me to give her. It was, “tell her to talk to me more, I love the sound of her voice.”

#062510C- Misplaced Kitten

The Issue after moving into a new home the guardian has not seen her cat for two days. See knows ‘Puff’ is probably hiding but is concerned with the doors having been opened and closed, and it being a very new scary place, she might have slipped out. The Session- (1 session-remote)After asking for permission to speak to Puff, I asked if Puff could come out because her guardian was concerned because she hadn’t seen her. Puff was not coming out. She relayed that she was just too scared. No amount of reasoning was going to change her mind. But, she did show me what she saw and she was in the house. The ResultI explained what Puff had shown me to the guardian. Puff was looking up at me from a little space between columns of cardboard boxes, lots and lots of boxes in a red room. The guardian stated that she knew just where she was because there were boxes on top of boxes in the spare bedroom, which was red. While we were on the phone she looked in the room and saw Puff… But Puff still had no intention on coming out.