Welcome to The Intuitive Animal

   I spent my childhood in the wild places and those places have never left my heart. Besides my seven brothers and sisters, my neighbors were field mice, toads, deer and bears and I had a curiosity about them that could not be squelched. I wondered where they went at night, how good they could see in the dark, what did they do to stay warm in the winter, and did a fawn feel the same way about his mom that I felt about mine? These were the sort of questions I pondered as I lay down to sleep those many years ago; as I listened to the wind in the trees and wondered where it had been and where it was going. That beginning led me down a path I had not expected. I realized I could feel what the animal felt, share the energy of the emotion. Much later I understood there could be a communication between us as I tutored under a master to fine tune the gift I had been given. Energy followed the communication, for something unseen was surely flowing between me and the animal. The emotion was the content, it could feel good or not so good and I realized I could help the animal emotionally and if energy could heal the animal emotionally, it could also heal the physical. So I began working with energy on a physical level, and the combination opened the door to the spiritual world I now embrace. I believe our lives, and theirs, are better when we consider them completely…body, mind and spirit. We are all part of the same energy. Sometimes we need help reconnecting to that energy and that is the intention of The Intuitive Animal.