So I’m standing on my balcony watering the potted plants and below me (I’m on the second floor) a gentleman resident is standing with one of the managers telling a story of woe about how Daddy Cooper dive-bombs his bald head every time he steps out his door. The guy’s arms are flailing wildly and every now and then he points an accusing finger at Cooper’s nest as he loudly complains about the ‘Eagle’ that has it in for him.


I confess Mama and Papa Cooper do look pretty darn big when they swoop to discourage anyone lingering to long near the babes. But Eagle sized? The gentleman has obviously not actually seen Eagle up close and personal. Now the manager did try to dissuade him of his fantasy of the Coopers actually being Eagles and entertain the idea that they may be hawks. (I’m sure she knew it was a hawk, because she later asked me what kind of hawk it was, because she was pretty sure I would know since I have been labeled amongst the apartment residents as a duck-lover and possibly ‘one- of- those’ if you remember.)


But back to my neighbor.


The gesticulating, urbanite wants to know just what the apartment management is going to do about the bird (now of generic species) dive-bombing him.  She suggests walking out with an umbrella until the babes were out of the nest. Another younger resident who is getting into his car adds to the conversation. ‘You have to walk fast – reeeaalll fast!’ and laughs in a good-natured way. Another passerby says she just stays off her balcony until the babies leave. (Mama Cooper doesn’t mind me sitting on my balcony, but I’m not allowed to point things like binoculars or cameras at the nest. If I do, she or Papa will swoop me.) Everyone has a plan in place so as to co-exist with the urban wildlife. Well, everyone but this guy below me. I’m not sure what he thinks management might do about the Coopers but he leaves unsatisfied, his arms finally at rest.


The woman who has been speaking to him looks up at me, glances around to see if Urbanite is within earshot, and says, “It’s kind of nice to have them here, don’t you think?’


‘I love it!’


‘Me too,’ she says. ‘It’s like a little gift from the wild.’


My thought exactly.


I think you will agree. So I leave my readers with a little gift from the wild, in pictures. More to come next blog.