Mama Mallard’s eggs hatched on June 19th. I went by in the morning to say ‘hi mama’ on my way to the lake and she was just sitting there as usual - fluffed, still – just waiting under the Peony. But by afternoon she had dropped her wings down over the nest and if one was patient, the little babies would make an uncertain appearance. Tiny fluff-balls with wonder in their eyes, looking at the big world from under mama’s skirt.


I apologize for the video which is sideways (pilot error) but the babies are on right side of the picture, they are only a few hours old. This morning, Thursday, she had taken them away under the cover of a very early sunrise. I kind of miss our morning talks, her and I.


I could write a whole blog on this little family but really – what could I possibly add to such a beautiful moment?  


Hope you enjoy the video.