We tend to think of our lives in terms of success and successes for many are quantified by what we have; in other words, material things. Do we have a newer vehicle? Are our house kept up and the mortgage under control? Are we making enough money? Do we have a retirement plan? Is there enough in that retirement plan? These are all good questions and certainly comforting physical, albeit fleeting, things to possess as we traverse life. And it admittedly does require a great deal of work to reach this ‘success’. If asked, most people would respond that they worked very hard to get where they are and would probably add ‘sacrifice’ to the list.


But what if we described success in life as joyful moments rather than things? Do we work as hard at obtaining laughter as we do about new siding?  Do we spend as much time watching a sunrise as we do putting in overtime at work? Do we make a plan to attain a few minutes of quiet in the back yard with the same determination as we plan for retirement? Do we sacrifice television or computer time for a moment to appreciate the sunset or the peace of the evening as darkness drifts down?


In our haste to collect the physical, do we forget to collect the metaphysical, the moments of joy, with equal importance? Perhaps success has less to do with what will happen tomorrow and more to do with what was created today.


Being aware of the daily joy that surrounds us are the seeds to our success in many ways. So I am leaving my readers with some seeds I borrowed from my lake walk this morning in these accompanying pictures. May it bring you a brief smile or a moment of calm – and success in the moment.


Side bar: No nest action yet. There is egg turning and stick weaving, but no hatchlings as of this writing. Stayed tuned!