So nice to see everyone again! It feels great to be back at the keyboard. Some of my readers have known for some time, but for those who didn’t, I have recently moved– built a new nest if you will – and it has taken me a bit of focus to gather and settle in, hence the absence from my writing. But I am back on track now. Almost.


As to why I made the move? Well, sometimes we outgrow our surroundings or we find new interests or we just want a change and any or all of the former can apply to me. Opportunity knocked and I answered the door. I have moved from a house to an apartment, little city to big city (although I have lived in many big cities during different periods of my life) and embraced known with unknown. I am not alone in new beginnings however, I have a friend who is doing the very same thing.


Cooper’s Hawk and her mate are in the process of constructing a nest among the blossoms of a lovely flowering crab tree, just outside the balcony of my new apartment and I watched with fascination as we each built a very different home but in much the same manner. Cooper chose a tree and began by places the larger sticks roughly in a fork of the trunk and I chose an apartment and placed all the furniture in a pleasing way. Then came the smaller twigs or, in my case, the rugs, dishes in cupboards, unpacked boxes into drawers, etc. The final stage for Cooper was the lacing on fine twiglets and grass to line the nest. This is the point I am at – dressing the house to make it my home by placing my personal items here and there. Of course Cooper is much more efficient at this process and much pickier. She spends hours weaving and unweaving a thread of grass among the twigs until it is just so, then a few feathers to soften and she is done. I will not be done for a bit yet but I am making progress.


It is interesting how many things we Humans do that reflect the very same processes we observe in the rest of the animal world when we step back and really notice what others are doing and how they do it. Interesting, but not surprising when one remembers we are part of the animal world and not apart from it.


I love the changes happening in my life and feel some new energy swirling about – always uplifting! I’ll keep an eye on Cooper and keep everyone apprised of their progress as they hopefully raise a new generation of hunters.


Note: I waited a week after writing this in hopes of getting a better picture. This is the best I could do, shameful I know. If you look real hard you can see her sitting on her nest in the center of the photo. Well, her head and eyebrow anyway…