Here in the middle of Wisconsin there blows a stiff wind and low temperatures, which I kind of like. Now, that is different from many people of the area, but not all. I enjoy all the seasons. Not saying I might not change my mind at some point but right now I love Winter’s arrival.


He doesn’t come in small steps like Spring. Spring, she comes quietly, softly. A bit of thaw here, a promising twitch of a warmer breeze, a taste of Mother Earth on the tongue. These are beautiful things in themselves, but I also love the bold. The ones that announce themselves – like the clear unbridled north wind of Winter on a day in December. That immediate ‘Wow!’ when you step outside for the first time in the morning. Winter grabs you and envelopes you then plants a kiss on your lips that sucks the breath from your body and rattles through your body right down to your toes. Your eyelashes frost, your breath releases in visible plumes. There is no wondering when he will come. He has arrived with the clarity of a tsunami. And, like my first stolen kiss of youth I ever shared, it leaves me smiling.


I love that. I love the passion with which Winter arrives, nothing small or meek but large and consuming. Where would we be without passion in our lives? Life would be safer, more predictable, maybe more comfortable but would it be the whole experience? The best experience? Or would it be an abbreviated ghost of what could have been?


Passion thumps the heart; heavy feet suddenly dance and it leaves a whisper of a smile on the face. Passion feeds the soul. Sometimes passion does not seem readily available but that is an illusion created by a tired mind. It is available everywhere - if only it is sought out. One must mine it like a precious gem; look for the many ways to celebrate it every day.


Grab hold of passion the way Winter delivers a kiss. Unquestioningly. Bold. Irreversible.


      A beautiful life is sure to follow.