The Morning Glory seed. A tiny bit of a triangle. Drop it on the ground and soon there is a fifteen foot vine, with flowers that bloom bright purple that give up their beauty later in the season to create another little triangle of a seed.  Think about for a moment. Everything the Morning Glory is and ever will be, springs from a tiny little seed. Isn’t that a miracle? Oh there is cell division and photosynthesis and what not, but the fact that so much beauty erupts from almost nothing is a true miracle.


We think of Miracles as large events, grand scale, move the mountain type of things but most are quiet and small. They fall into the category of ‘the things we take for granted’, the things we expect rather than the wonder of a Miracle in bloom.


That little Morning Glory seed, it can become something or it can blow away in the wind, land where it is forgotten or even when planted loving in Mother Earth does not guarantee it will thrive – it takes a quiet little Miracle to produce a bloom from almost nothing. Maybe we see it as an act of science, maybe we expect the end result and so we think it does not belong in the Miracle category – but it is a Miracle none the less. A quiet one.


Look into the eyes of your dog. She takes in your moods, your faults and turns them to love. She forgives lies, all your shortcomings and every bit of human ignorance and forgives you completely. How is that not a Miracle? A dog. A tiny bit of seed. A sunset. A soulmate for our heart.


We are surrounded by Miracles every day; we just have to have the desire to see them.