Part 2 The Absurd Lifestyle in a Jungle Lodge


Ah, yes! The three walled, remove your shoes please, don’t leave without an escort, dipped in darkness by 9:15pm lodge deep in the Amazon Rainforest.


Let me draw you a picture.


Our room had three walls. The walls were thatching, the ceiling the same. The walls between rooms were also thatching. This made the walls thin, with a capital ‘T’. Everything that happened in one room was up for review in every other room. Privacy was something left on the canoe that brought us here. Now in the brochure, it had, at a number of points, reminded readers that there were only three walls in the rooms. The third wall was open. Not open by way of a window or screen, but open in every sense of the word. Open in the sense of, ‘Why hello there Mr. Monkey’…as he sits on our luggage. (This is, I’m guessing, why the suggestion of no snacks in the room would be a great idea. Previous guests in the thin walled lodge have been awakened by screams of hysteria because said monkey made himself at home and rummaged through, not only snacks, but also carried off plane tickets and passports.) The non-wall did have railing though, which made a nice visual ‘safety net’ so that we could, if pressed, pretend the railing would keep unwanted visitors on the other side.


It all sounded grand…in writing…but standing there with our backpacks, looking out at the dark, dark jungle through the non-wall in the limited light thrown by the lanterns, there was a realization absolutely nothing was between our beds and all of God’s beautiful wild Creation…which is how I was elected to take the bed closest to the non-wall. (After all, I am an animal communicator and as such, the reasoning was I could talk my way out of a visitation.) But we had asked the Universe for an adventure and while it did give us a moment’s pause to be exposed to not only the wild but also our own imagination, we embraced this absurd situation. It was, in fact, what we had wanted.


But no time to worry now, it was 6:00pm - suppertime…and we didn’t want to be late because of the ‘rule’. (See The Absurdity of a Jungle Lodge Part 1.) So we left for the dining room, i.e. the completely open, thatched roofed lodge, to meet the other guests. Habitually, we locked the door to the room on our leave, looked at each other, and began laughing. How absurd is it to lock a room that only has three walls - thatched walls – not to mention that we are to leave our key in a basket on the bar so that everyone has apparent access to not only our room (with three walls) but also the safe key (clearly marked on said keyring)?


For the next four days, life was going to be absurd.


Nothing between you and the night. And the animals of the night. And trusting the cultural mix of people that share the space to do you no harm. To live with all the Beings that grace this place in peace and joy.


Deep in the Amazon lies a lodge – where one must simply forget fear and old lessons and embrace whatever comes through door. Or wall.