Surf and Ceviche in Lima


The vacation. That long awaited space of time where we forget our traditional and harried life at home, spend money willy-nilly, forget about diets and work issues to focus on the exploration of another possible way to live. A journey of sorts. A peek at what could be.


Mine did not disappoint. I went to Peru with my favorite travel partner, my sister, and we went all in as if we were holding a royal flush in a high stakes Texas no-peeky poker game. We travelled to Lima Peru, climbed Machu Picchu and stumbled around the Amazon Rainforest in some surprisingly cool weather. Even the Amazon was not tank top and shorts weather- more on that in upcoming posts.


But I’m going to talk about Lima in this blog since it was our first taste of Peru. And speaking of taste, Lima is known for its varied and fantastic ceviche (it surpassed our expectations) which is a dish made from fresh, raw fish and seafood cooked by using citrus juices – limes and lemons with onions and whatnot washed down with a ridiculously delicious (and oh so powerful) drink known as a pisco sour. We like adventurous eating (and drinking apparently) so we partook in the entire list of standard ‘must tries’ including Cuy, or guinea pig. (We tried it twice to make sure we could cross it off our list, but we were not impressed.)


Of course, I am quite in tuned to the animals and our first morning (We came in to Lima at 11:00 p.m.) we had a window seat to the ocean while we ate breakfast and were treated to a lovely little Blue-Grey Tanager who danced in the window for 20 minutes. Up and down the window he went doing I’m not sure what, but it did seem like he was welcoming us to his country. Our server said the local people call him the ‘Bow String Bird’ because when he sings he sounds like a violin in play.  From our perch above the water I was sure I spied seals in the surf so when we finished breakfast we dashed down to the cliffs overlooking the pacific and we did see about a dozen ‘somethings’ bobbing along the curls of waves and I was sure I would be seeing someone from the pinniped community. Further inspection revealed they were indeed surfers. Human surfers. Turns out Lima has a large surfing community…who knew? 


We did spot some awesome birds and loved the strolling down the boardwalk, seeing the different birds (bananaquit, Peruvian Dove, Long-tailed Mockingbird and flowers I only could guess the family of much, less the name individually.). Then of course one had to take a break at a seaside restaurant in the afternoon, order a Pisco sour and dip into the ceviche, all done in slow motion because we were after all on vacation.


As expected Lima had its share of street dogs - and family dogs, almost no one on a leash and we will talk about them in my next blog.


For now, just float on over to the beach, sip on that imagined Pisco Sour and nibble some ceviche. Take a vacation in your head on your break today and take a peek at what could be.