The Vortex of Travel


For the next two weeks The Intuitive Animal Blog will not post as I will soon check off two – TWO- items off my bucket list, Machu Picchu and the Amazon Rainforest.


Consequently, I have not the mind set for deep thinking, or possibly not thinking at all if it does not concern what to pack and how to pack it, shopping for things to pack, making many lists of things to pack and all other manner of odds and ends – that also need packing. I have equipment and clothes piled all over the house, checked off the vaccinations, exchanged USD for PEN, delved into research of possible sightings of this bird or that animal and various other activities that make the hours fly by during the day.


Machu Picchu, cloud city of the ancient Incas and a vortex communion, has long been on my list and the Amazon Rainforest, well, I mean who doesn’t want to experience that at least once? And it will not be one of those quick ‘I had my toe on Machu Picchu and then I ran into the rainforest for an hour’ kind of trips. No sir. We spend two days on Machu Picchu and four days deep in the Rainforest…deep in the Rainforest.  The lodge, which doubles as a research base, has two hours of electricity in the morning (otherwise it is candles and lanterns) and our room has only three walls so one can full dip into the feel of the Rainforest. How perfect is that!


So, I will soon be off. My mind is open for whatever experience The Divine sees fit to gift me. I will of course be sending back pics if possible but that may have to wait until I get back.


Now, back to packing…