Is Wild Caught the Best?


I really enjoy a nice salmon fillet simply crafted with a bit of lemon, salt and pepper. I eat a lot of it and I do realize the irony of this being a blog subject but follow along with me for a moment.


When I eat Salmon, a wonderful fish in various respects, I prefer wild-caught for a number of reasons, but mostly because eating wild-caught sets better with my spiritual philosophy. But there are other more mundane reasons why I choose wild salmon. They are healthier, both the fish and consequently, for me. Wild salmon eat a wide variety of prey, making the meat taste better. The fish had a happy life which also has an effect on the taste of the meat. It also has (hopefully) no bad things like antibiotics and hormones above and beyond the natural urges we all succumb to at times- although now I see issues of mercury and lead in wild caught salmon- so maybe ‘healthy’ is up for discussion. At any rate, the fish had a real life and so I can rationalize my eating him, after properly thanking him for providing for me, without too much guilt – after all I am a predator – at least for now.  (I have had some thought of going vegetarian. No, not because it is vogue right now, but because it is difficult to eat someone you may have had a conversation with their relative, so the ‘predator’ status could change.)


All these above reasons lead me to purchase wild caught salmon for dinner.


But then one night, I had a question posed to no one in particular. Who is going to swim up the rivers if we eat all the wild salmon? Certainly not the unknowledgeable farm fish. They would have no idea where to go even if they had the chance of escape. They can’t find the stream from which they came…there was no stream. So how is Bear going to prepare for the long winter sleep without salmon to add layers of fat on that fine frame? Young Eagle, will miss out on a much needed easy meal if there are no leftovers to supplement his inexperienced hunting. Not to mention a whole host of others like Fox, Wolf and Coyote. There are more but you understand the point.


I will tell you what the problem is. Too much thinking. I should just be eating…


And now, because I have thought too much, I have this problem. Wild caught or farmed? Both are renewable I suppose. I don’t really feel right eating Mr. Farm Fish just because he has nowhere else to be, no stream calling him. I mean, he has a life, such that it is. On the opposite side, I would like to make sure Wild Salmon does his part in the ecosystem, makes some more babies and feeds others in the places that do not provide grocery stores and cellophane. Maybe I shouldn’t be eating others in the first place? Oh bother….no answer comes to me…too much thinking.


I’ll tell you one thing. Becoming a vegetarian is looking better, because I don’t have this problem when I’m eating a beet!