Are We in WhoVille?


Do you remember Horton the Pachyderm and his tiny friends the Whos? It’s a classic children’s story by Theodor Seuss Geisel (A.K.A. Doctor Seuss) published way back there in 1954 by Random House. I don’t remember everything in the story- but in was the 13th of May in the Jungle of Nool. No year indicated. Maybe one of my readers can fill in the blanks, until then, on with the story.


The Whos are tiny little people riding through life on what Horton sees as a speck of dust. The problem for the Whos is that Professor Larue looked through his/her telescope and realized their ‘Earth’ was out of orbit and perilously drifting about in space, so they started screaming for help. Horton hears a faint sound, discovers plight of Whoville and agrees to help. This causes Horton to be ridiculed by other forest creatures including a Kangaroo, which doesn’t really belong in a jungle (a fact that drove me nuts as a child) but we shall allow for poetic license and move on. 


But Horton doesn’t care if no one believes him because he heard the Whos and endures all manner of physical and emotional abuse while he carries the dust speck to the highest place in Nool thereby keeping Whoville safe. All goes well eventually and Whoville is saved by Horton the Elephant.


Why am I going on about this? Because I have a question. And here it is.


Are We in Whoville?


Think about it. How do we know we are not in WhoVille? Has anybody of import checked? Oh we have telescopes - better than WhoVille I would imagine – and scientists and all sorts of high tech gizmos, but has anyone proven we aren’t in WhoVille? I think not.


Maybe, just maybe, our galaxy is just drifting around in a bigger universe and climate change is a result of our little galaxy landing in the Jungle of Nool. Think about that while you’re sipping your coffee…