There has been a storm surge in our area in Central Wisconsin. Not the usual snow, wind chill and ice type, but of a feathered kind. Last week began with the arrival of huge flocks of mixed finches. Redpolls. Gold Finches. Pine Siskins.  Hungry, hungry hordes of them are invading local feeders and heated birdbaths as they abandon their northern haunts to seek food a bit further south.


They do not grace our area every year so I think of it as an abundance coming my way. A sort of good omen if you will. But the abundance does mean that in order to keep the flock happy, I must make numerous runs not only to the feeders, but also to the bird seed store. They seem especially fond of Niger thistle seed and sunflower chips and can significantly lower the level of food in a screen tube within an hour before they take to the sky in mass to clean out some other unsuspecting feeder station. Don’t worry though…you will hear them before they hit land…a sweet cacophony of merry little tweets and chirps to serenade the wild and you just before they rob your feeders then clean out your pocketbook of all disposable income.


But no worries, your future looks wonderful as they bring good tidings to your house. And now that I have prepared you for the tiny birds with the big appetites; remember you have been blessed.  It is all a matter of perspective.