Merry Christmas


Today marks the 200th blog published by The Intuitive Animal and it fortuitously falls on the Winter Solstice and near Christmas time. So I am here to send out a great big THANK YOU to all my readers for the wonderful gift you have given me! Your support has truly brightened my life and I hope I have, in a small way, brightened a moment or two for you.


Along with gratitude let me wish a very merry Christmas to all my friends whether two legged or four, whether finned, furred or feathered. Some have been very good. Some very, very good – at least that is what they tell me- and some have been deliciously naughty, which is always just a little bit more fun than good. But regardless of where any of us (I have made use of the entire scale) fall on the decency meter we all do deserve that most traditional of Christmas gifts, good will. This time of year we for some reason do not care if someone has been bad or good we gift them anyway. We disregard any perceived insults or personal attacks from long ago and wish each other well. In my mind, that is a great tradition, better than the gift giving- although I never turn a gift away- --


And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could carry that feeling of well-being throughout the next year? We can of course, we just forget some times. Life seems to get in the way of living every now and then, the everyday events become seeming mountains sometimes and we forget our true selves, our true nature.


Merry Christmas my friends and family! And may we remember the loving feeling of this season for many months to come.