New Home For Kitty


Well the little muffin has flown the coop. Feral Kitty, better known as Sweetie, has found his home with a loving family with a potential for a cat friend. I packed up his toys, treats, food and comfort items, which oddly had accumulated to two basket proportions, even though Sweetie was only with me for three weeks.


Now a beautiful, hopefully long, love-filled life awaits him and his family. Sweetie went from a terrified kitten that wasn’t sure people were a good thing to a lap-warming, bed-cuddling purr machine who liked being picked up and was often vocal about meals.


It was a rewarding experience for me in many ways and I miss him a bit but I am pretty sure I have visitation rights, so not too bad for either of us. I was blessed to watch him bloom into a companion, although he still has a journey ahead of him. Odd noises startle him. Fast movement concerns him, especially when made with the hands. He lost his little mind the day we were sitting on the couch and the mailman put some letters in the box when the screen door happen to be open. He was hiding when people entered, but I understand from the guardians he was not shy of them and wanted to explore his new home right away. But he has been a very sweet kitten, hence the name ‘Sweetie’, given to him by his ‘kidnapper’ as he likes to say, though he has told me maybe it wasn’t so bad because he gets to eat ‘all the time’ (no…just three meals a day) and he likes the cuddling.


 I’m glad he thinks it wasn’t so bad. It was a bothersome thing for me to take him from where he had family and convince him he should be with us. I mean, isn’t that how we rationalize keeping wild animals in places they do not belong nor wish to be? So, I do not think I will be doing this again, but I am considering specializing in working with wild, captive animals. Maybe I could be of service to them in that way…certainly something to ponder.