Saint or Sinner?


There is no blog today. That’s right. Why? Because...


I am taking care of the cutest little kitten! He is Feral Kitty who was trapped by a friend of mine and is part of a local trap, neuter and release program. He has a sibling out there in the urban wilds which said friend is trying to trap so the little kitty sitting in my house isn’t so very lonely.


Sweetie, as we call him for his ‘softness’, is totally sucking up all my time, which he probably does not have to but I am having a bit of a crisis in what to do. I originally wanted to rehab him and find him a nice home…but as I said, he is so very lonely for the life and family unit he knows. This is where it becomes difficult when one actually listens to the kitty. He doesn’t know people, houses, safety. He knows freedom, playing with his sibling and chasing whatever captures his interest. And he wants that back. My logical head, which friends and family alike will tell you I hardly ever use and they are right, tells me get him in a safe place if possible, nice loving family etc. But my intuitive side has to ask the question, ‘Where do I get the arrogance to change his whole world around?’ That is the harder question to answer.


Unfortunately, I KNOW the answer to that (I do not have that right ethically or morally) and that’s the conundrum. So hopefully, his sibling will decide to go in the trap – although one wonders why he would go into a contraption that swallowed his brother whole and stole him away, like kidnapping with no ransom note. Maybe the idea of sardines in his/her tummy will over power his fear. Either way, if I am to release Sweetie, it does have to be soon so he can get back into his colony. So time is of the essence.  If sibling does not choose sardines I will have to sell a life different from what Sweetie has known, a good life but different.


See? It should be easy and it’s not. Very vexing. A decision has to be made in the next day or so which is why there is no blog today.


And now I shall stop writing and try and convince Sweetie I am not the kidnapper….