Squirrel? Rabbit? Beaver? Chipmunk?


I have decided I am not squirrel-like. It’s quite a revelation. Most of my readers know I try to learn things from nature, from trees, bears, nuthatches, flowers and herons (this is what led me to believe I am not squirrel-like) and I think I can learn something from that. There is a lesson to be had in my ‘uunsquirreliness’ . I even made up a word because of this discovery!


Squirrel is a very industrial Being. He seems to always be working non-stop to gathering seeds, nuts, and fruits in order to have something for a rainy day, which is a very good thing but it is not something I do. Don’t know why, just don’t. I want to be one of those go-getters who strive to attain a certain success by being industrious and busy laying plans for the world of ‘what if?’ and by saving a certain ‘store of nuts’ for another day called retirement and using my spare time to a better end. You know, like Squirrel. But try as I might I do not spend very much time on ‘tomorrow’. I should. After all, I’m going to need nuts tomorrow and probably the next day. But I do so like to eat my nuts today! (A questionable way to lead a lifestyle in some circles, including mine some days.)


Most of my siblings are squirrels. They are very successful in their chosen fields, they work really hard to be where they are and they have lots of nuts stored. They are even like Beaver and Chipmunk. Those two are so busy ALL the time it’s a wonder there are any baby Beavers or Chipmunks. These are admirable qualities. So I learned to put a few nuts away here and there because my siblings make a good point. But I guess I am more like Rabbit.


Rabbit rests in the shade, stretched out with his tummy pressed against the cool fresh mowed lawn to lollygag away a sticky August afternoon. Rabbit can be found in the moon light chasing others in playful delirium. He doesn’t think too much about tomorrow. Maybe there will be nuts to eat, maybe not.


The interesting thing is Rabbit and Squirrel make the woods a complete environment so to speak; they are both needed in the community. All the animals, each with different qualities, are needed to make a total working world for everyone.


As much as I would like to be Squirrel, I suppose I will have to embrace Rabbit in me, and that is okay. I will eat some nuts today, store a few and rest in the grass on a hot afternoon without the concern that I should be doing something when ‘nothing’ is so pleasant.


I will endeavor to put a few nuts away in the meantime. Of course there is a little Squirrel in me- I do sometimes forget where I ‘bury’ my nuts, i.e. ‘Where did I put my glasses?’ ‘I just had those keys…’ ‘Didn’t I park on level four?’ That is definitely something I can do without.