Summer has Begun


Ah, the summer has arrived! I love the summer solstice, what with the long day that goes on forever and with any luck, cooperative weather, it is certainly a day to be celebrated which has as many traditions as it does hours.


Some make it a point to see the sun rise on June 20th so they can begin the summer by energetically ‘not wasting a minute’ of it. Afterwards many celebrate with a Solstice Party, a sleepover of sorts to really use the most of that longest day in the company of friends of a like mind. Others consider this day to be the true first day of the year and make prayers ties to send their desires to be delivered to The Divine on the winds of Mother Earth. Old prayer ties are burned ceremonially with sage to ensure the past is left behind but with honor for the lessons it has taught. More than one barbeque was lit in the pre-feasting of a meal cooked and served outdoors to just enjoy nature, accented with good food and friends.


Not all Solstice celebrations are community orientated though. Individuals often wish to be in solitude on the Solstice to take some ‘me time’ and pamper their persons with a day at the spa or a forest walk for introspection or simply to enjoy nature.


I did a bit of everything. I watched a wonderful sunrise accompanied by a symphony of bird song and ended the day with a wonderful evening among friends and pizza in a lovely outdoor setting, then returned home to assemble my prayer ties to hang in my yard for some of the above reasons.


However you decide to embrace this beginning do it with gusto! Design this week with uplifting events, whether those are solo pursuits or engaged with friends and enjoy every minute of the summer!