Did That Just Happen?


I was asked to repost this blog by a member of readers. It's original airdate was January 29, 2015. I hope it is enjoyed by my current readers.

When we experience something outside the norm; something well, unconventional, it is met with skepticism and a non-plausibility which I find odd considering how much mankind navigates the world through faith of one kind or another. To question something is always good. Questions are the backbone of science and the seeds of discovery.  They create curiosity so that we might explore and expand our world. But the ‘science’ of the Universe is limited; faith in the Universe is not. Who has not heard, ‘What man knows can fit on the head of a pin.’?


I receive questions from clients on a daily basis. Some concern speaking with animals, which is easy enough to answer. Conversation is a normal everyday activity, whether it is with people or other animals and just part of my world. Some can accept, others not. But clients sometimes have those different experiences such as seeing a favorite dog that had passed or smelling the perfume their mother had always worn even though she transitioned years ago. These are more difficult for a person to understand. These are the type of events that can muddle the mind and as we question, we consider how it could not be more than we taking a moment to just accept its occurrence. Understandable, given how we are educated in science and little else.


At the time of the event, we know exactly what we are seeing of course or we would not be questioning it. It is only afterwards that we wonder if it actually happened. And it becomes more confusing if we confide in someone who has never had that experience, or a non-believer if you will. Then we begin to change what happened in our mind, we begin to doubt what we have clearly experienced. Others with good intentions give us all manner of ‘rational’ explanation from dreams (never mind if you were awake when it occurred) to bad pork (remember Ebenezer?) to your mind playing tricks on you and simply creating what you desired (one of my favorites). But, of course, you know what happened.


You were there.


Some things are not meant to be explained; at least we cannot find the answer at that time. They cannot be categorized or proven or pigeonholed into a neat little equation and put on a list somewhere.


 Trust yourself to know the difference between the truth of what you experienced and what another told you, you experienced.  It is not always easy. There was a time when I said to myself, ‘I must be mistaken. That could not have happened.’ Well, needless to say, I gave up on that notion after years of experiences. (I was a slow learner.)  Have the faith in yourself to accept that gifted moment. Your heart knows the truth and does not require proof. Some things just are. Enjoy the love in that moment of truth. Disregard trying to prove to yourself or to the non-believer what you saw or heard or smelled, it was not meant for them anyway. And you cannot ‘make’ a person believe anything. That is what arguments are about.


“To the believer, no proof is necessary. To the non-believer no proof is possible.”


I forget who said that, but it sums it up pretty well.


So when you hear those paws on the floor or catch a tiny bit of that perfume in the air, just smile and know that they are there with you. It is a time for love, not questions.


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