The Things Going Right


I think it’s time for a smile. Rather than standing in the mud and focusing on what worries our minds of late, why don’t we start a list of what has been right.


In 2016 there are 32 new species on the endangered species listing for federal protection making the total number 176 species that are enjoying a fair chance at surviving and continuing to be a piece of the bigger the balance.


In a nationwide survey, adoption rates of pets have gone up and euthanizations have gone down in the rescues and shelters of registered organizations; a truly heart-warming statistic.


The number of homeless veterans has dropped by a third in the last two years. Not only helping those who need shelter but also addressing the issues many of our vets face in dealing with PTSD. Another great statistic.


On a national scale volunteerism is at an all-time high. Nice to see neighbor helping neighbor.


125 million acres of Arctic Ocean are now protected from oil and drilling leases. The entire Chukchi Sea and most of the Beaufort Sea can now provide future generations with a complete and health ocean system.


There were 131 new species identified in 2016 from plants to reptiles to insects and fish- proof that there are wondrous things yet to be discovered.


A whole new planet popped up on the radar! What is yet to be discovered there is truly mind-boggling.


The Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument has expanded its borders to consist of 300 million acres, making it the largest ecological preserve on the plant. With many corals and other animals found nowhere else in our oceans. (Though nobody knows what’s on that new planet! Maybe Sasquatch lives there…)


The power of the people is evident in the demand for cage-free eggs and chicken along with wild caught fish and grass fed beef as a solution to our conflict between our ethics and carnivorous ways. It is a good step in the right direction.


The people also let their voice be heard in regard to the poor management and unfair treatment of animals under the guise of entertainment by demanding the end of elephants in circuses and orcas at SeaWorld®. All animals in circus type environments are next on the list I am sure. People concerned with animals are also concerned with their fellow Human Beings.


The world is not a dark place filled with anger and fear. It stands in the light and many people stand with it in that light to give of themselves in soup kitchens, in shelters of all kinds, to protect those less fortunate than themselves whether those benefitting are animals or plants and to help keep the Earth in balance so we might find our own.


When things get a little too unsettled for us, a bit to dim, we only need to look out our window and see all the beauty that stands in The Light.


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