Does The Earth Qualify as a Natural Resource?


An omission here, a slight of hand there and voilà! Human Beings and the burning of fossil fuels are no longer the cause of global warming, at least that is what the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has adjusted their website to reflect. According to the new language- we are off the hook. We didn’t do it. We are not responsible. It’s all just the normal cycle of Mother Earth and naturally occurring carbon dioxide levels that have, for some reason, gone awry and no one really knows why.


  The turnaround in the stand the DNR has taken on climate change is mystifying. And ridiculous. Let’s suppose one find a lump somewhere on their body where a lump does not belong and 70 doctors say it looks wrong and should be biopsied. But 2 doctors argue it’s nothing. No need to be concerned. Is ignoring the advice of the 70 the wise choice because the advice from the two is more comforting?


The fact that approximately 70 national and international scientific research organizations, including NOAA, NASA, the National Science Foundation, the National Research Council, and the Environmental Protection Agency have all published reports stating that Earth’s increasing temperature is due to humans does carry the weight of years of research from many independent sources. The results of that research, while not comforting, are solid. They are also being downplayed in various forums including our government in the interest of economic and political gain.


The change in language on December 21, 2016 is the latest in a long line of global warming language that has slipped quietly off various pages of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources since 2011. That year oddly coincides with the election of Governor Scott Walker. Wisconsin was part of a lawsuit, along with a dozen other states challenging the EPA’s restrictions of carbon dioxide emissions by industrial activities. The question is has the state of Wisconsin elected to make the environment a low priority in the face of economic challenges? Is clean air a low priority? Ask the people of Flint Michigan if clean drinking water is a low priority. While it is always advisable to have a healthy economy, a balance must be struck between the dollars and cents we all desire and the air we breathe.


 Even if the causes of global warming were not to be believed. If one were to deny years of the scientific analysis…would it not be to the benefit of all to do everything in our power to curb the rise of carbon dioxide emissions to slow the climbing of the world’s temperature?


The changes that have begun to surface in our official government sites such as the dropping of language recognizing climate change as a priority, is dangerously irresponsible and inaccurately absolves us of the responsibility of being honorable stewards of the planet that provides us life. When greed and political gain eclipse ethical and moral responsibility-words become the shadow of truth.


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