The NEW Year


It’s here again. That time of year when we dust off those resolutions and take an accounting of what was.


But let’s do something different this time around. Instead of orchestrating our lives into tiny pieces of want and desire (known as resolutions), might we look on a larger scale. Resolutions are reachable things when best constructed and filled with doubts when not. Instead of reaching only for the obtainable-let us go for the full Monty!


Let our ‘new’ year begin with joy and not concern ourselves how that manifests but only that it does. Rather than centering on shedding ‘X’ number of pounds, why not simple desire a healthy and energetic lifestyle?  Rather than being determined to get that promotion at work, why not desire to be in a place of fulfillment when it comes to employment and see what transpires?


Perhaps this coming year we might ignore the details and paint our lives in broad, colorful strokes- as if creating a watercolor on a blank piece of paper. Replace the Prussian blue pigment with joy. The crimson with copious amounts of love. Cadmium yellow with laughter. Mix a purple that is peace. When these things are in our lives does the rest matter? And would it not follow that a good life comes with these gifts?


 With a free sweeping brush let us see what comes to us, what we can create by unleashing our lives of the minutes and hours of detail to the totality of our lifetime. We should be bold. Be adventurous. Be fearless. We can create our own reality for the coming year.


Happy painting in 2017 my friends!


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