Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all my friends, whether two-legged, four-legged, winged or finned! May today and every day bring the spirit of this loving season into your heart and home.


I am not much for making one day more special than the other because they are all grand and joyously celebrated every morning in my home, but I do like the way Christmas tends to get everyone involved in the Spirit of the season. While things can get hectic as we pack for travel, purchase last minute gifts and plan the perfect holiday meal- we are engaged in thinking of others and how we might brighten their lives. Smiles and laughter are generously sprinkled throughout conversations and greetings.


In the midst of the sometimes hurried moments concentrated on the celebration all ‘going according to plan’ it might serve us well to remember why a Persian rug maker creates one knot that is incorrect-they say it is because perfection belongs to God. In other words, mere mortals cannot create perfection, so we should relax and enjoy the holidays. We should drink too much eggnog. We should laugh too loud and too often. We should be silly. We should be kind and be ready to accept that it will not unwind in perfect form.  All preconceived notions of how the holiday must proceed should be forgotten, and that time and energy spent soaking in the joy and love of those around us.


We often place ridiculous expectations on ourselves and the time we have allocated, not only during the holiday season but also in our everyday lives as we try to accomplish nutsy goals due to perceived obligations (How many of our ‘New Year Resolutions’ have failed for the same reasons?) 


We can keep the stress level down today and everyday by remembering the little rug knotter in Persia. Only The Divine is perfect. Things will go right and things will go sideways and that is the way of it. Once we understand that, the Holidays can be celebrated stress free.


Merry Christmas my friends!


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