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I am voting for a little levity. In the wake of the American presidential election, I decided to post something light, just for fun, knowledge with no true consequences. Being on the losing side of the ‘BIG ELECTION’ I have not quite embraced the dog, a place I like to go when I confront my own negativity. Next week I hope to have figured out how to get there and I’ll pass that knowledge along when it occurs. For now, let’s consider something benign.




My little murder of crows was scolding me for not being fast enough with the fish yesterday. (Every couple of days I set out the little ends of my salmon trimmings to share with the family in the trees.) They seem to know when I am filleting in the house and congregate in along the fence, waiting patiently…and sometimes not so patiently. And yes, I eat a lot of salmon. But it made me think about what other groups of animals are named, the venery (nouns of assembly) assigned to each collection of species. So I looked it up and by passing it on, you too can dazzle your friends and colleges with some completely useless information!


Here they are.




Geese – a skein                        Apes – a shrewdness                     Asses – a pace


Beaver – Colony                       Badger- a cete                                   Pigs – drove or sounder


Cats – clowder                          Bears – a sleuth                                                Buzzards – a wake


Dolphins- a pod                        Hyenas – a cackle                             Flamingoes- a stand or flamboyance


Eagles – convocation              Cheetahs – a coalition                    Hounds – a cry or pack


Lions – a pride                           Swans – a drift                                  Sasquatch – a pungent


Camel- a caravan                      Rabbits – a warren or down        Quail- a bevy     


Elk – a gang                                 Baboons – a troop                           Turtles – a bale


Goats- a trip                               Swallows- a flight                             Peacocks – a muster


Hippopotamus – a raft           Grouse – a covey




One would think I had better things to do...but apparently not. I did include sasquatch in the list because I thought anyone who saw more than three bipedal, hairy hominids hanging around together  in the woods ought to know how to describe them properly when giving witness.  


Was anyone out there wondering what a bunch of human beings are gathered together?

We are a tribe. ONE big beautiful tribe.

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