The Kittens


I thought it might be time to have a kitten update.


The feral kittens are doing well as I prepare the garage for the less temperate temperatures of the coming season by cleaning the blankets, ridding it of all poisonous containers that accumulated over the summer and getting the patio furniture in there so as not to disturb them when they hunker down. They have a new piece of furniture in the way of an old TV stand with the door off lined with blankets. I did have a nice store bought kitty house in there last year which was snubbed by the feral community, yet I have hope it might be used this year so it remains in the blanket corner.


One dish has turned into three. But the visitors will have to make three work, that’s the budget. At least that is my current declaration.


The count as of yesterday is seven.


One lovely little calico that runs away at the sight of me (but not very far) and once in a while stops by at breakfast time to see if the ‘evening feeding only’ rule has succumbed to my less logical thinking…which is often the case.


Her brother, a tortoiseshell, eats every night but not always with her. He is the original scaredy-cat and races off mid-mouthful at the least little disturbance coming from the house. I think they are about six months old now, but that’s a guess.


A much younger grey tabby kitten with green eyes eats his dinner early in the late afternoon to avoid competition. This little guy is completely adorable- after he eats, he races all over the yard playing with a long grass stem, jumps part way up a tree, sprints, then pounces on imaginary prey. Very, very intoxicating to watch. When he’s done playing he bounces away in the same direction from which he appeared. This little guy is way too cute.


White and Grey kitten is, of course grown now, and I suspect Calico and Tortie are her kittens. She comes by every night, but eats only after her kittens have eaten. There was a tortoiseshell that would come with her but I have not seen him in quite some time.


A big Orange and White cat comes by to investigate, but doesn’t eat since I asked him to leave the food for those who don’t have a home. (He does have a home. I am not sure where it is, but he definitely has one.) I’m sure he sometimes has a snack on the porch which is fine with me.


A very shy black cat comes by later in the evening after most of the younger cats have left or gone off exploring. He stays hidden, slinks about and has had apparently previous bad experiences. He stays way in the back of the yard amongst the hostas, acting and looking like some black leopard calculating how one might get to the food without exposing oneself.


Rarely but often enough to mention is a mostly black cat, she has white feet and a little white blaze and if I start seeing little black kittens gracing my porch I’ll know she was here more than I thought.


So that is the crew and they are all doing well. When the first cat showed up she was skinny, eating birdseed out of my feeder. She now looks very healthy and her kittens seem the same.


There is that raccoon family….more on that next time. It is possible I will have to get more cat food.


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