Polar Bears


It seems that in the far north a situation has developed concerning some Russian meteorologist and transient polar bears. 


Out on Troynoy Island (one of the Izvestiy Islands in the high arctic) five scientist conducting weather observations were confined to their barracks so to speak when polar bears slowly began to gather in anticipation of arctic ice coming in so they can go do their seal hunting thing. But the ice wasn’t co-operating so they turned to other means of occupying their time by seeking a different kind of hunting. There were no human casualties but one of their guard dogs unfortunately paid the price for lack of ice to the opportunistic completely carnivorous bears.


The scientists barricaded themselves in their habitat which was well stocked with supplies, including flares. But as the weeks went by, the flares (used to help the scientist move to and from outlying buildings to do their research) ran out as more bears and cubs began to gather until the number reached about a dozen. The meteorologists also had a gun, but opted not to use it accept for a last resort. The unnerved scientists finally receive help in the way of a research vessel in the area that was equipped with a helicopter which buzzed the bears to help them find another place to wait for ice. Later, additional supplies (including more flares) and some replacement puppies were off dropped. No worries concerning the puppies, folks, they will remain out of harms ways until they grow into their duties.


So, problem solved for now. They will of course be back – all of them- the bears, the helicopter, the dogs, the scientists and hopefully the ice. The first four are a given to return, but the ice? The ice is another matter.




Along the road of everyday life we inadvertently make a priority list. Family, work, social events and obligation, then expand the list to include to a less extent the economy, employment opportunities and international affairs. But the topic of arctic ice or lack thereof seldom makes the list in conversation. It reminds me of the person who spends so much time and effort choosing which flooring will perfectly accent the mahogany walls and what antiques should be displayed in their very carefully planned home when the foundation is cracked and compromised.


 No matter how we try to disregard the issue, we are standing on a cracked foundation and until we decide to make it one of the top priorities Mother Earth will continue to send reminders that we need to put attention on the foundation that is our world.


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    BAH (Sunday, 02 October 2016 09:54)

    That would be scary!