What Are We Really Saying?


Over the weekend I was part of a conversation concerning bringing a new puppy into a home that already had an established pack. These were very knowledgeable individuals with years of experience in dogdom so their collected expertise was invaluable in the proper way to introduce a new baby member of the family and the guardian of the home was armed with numerous actions and responses to any number of situations that had been giving her anxious moments as she fast-forwarded to the future day.


From my perspective, the only thing missing from the conversation was the use of our own energy to help pave the outcome. When we are unconcerned it helps to make our animal companions unconcerned. When we are fearful, it also translates fearful energy to our friends. If we foresee a problem, a problem is sure to make itself known.


What we project with our energy is what is being felt, and what is felt is much more powerful than what our words are saying. This contrast has been evident to all of us at one time or another. We have been on the receiving end of ‘hollow’ words or the ‘drive-by hug’. Even if one is not an expert in non-verbal communication, we can feel the difference between a hug from the heart and one that goes barely to the fingertips because energy does not lie. To be aware of what we are saying non-verbally (energetically), can help us communicate better with not only our animal companions but everyone around us.


Let’s explore a similar situation to the one described above. New puppy is coming. He’s not here yet but will be soon and as the days go by, every now and then a possible problem pops into your head concerning one of the pack members, maybe the older girl that has issues with anything ‘new’ occurring. As soon as that thought of possible trouble enters your head, it is entering your energy and you are projecting that energy to everyone in the home. Take a moment to be aware of that sequence and picture of different scenario, one in which the old girl takes the pup under her wing to teach it all the things it must learn to be acceptable in the home…like where to go potty. This does take practice but more than that it takes awareness of what we are projecting by what is flowing through our thought processes. What we are saying without using words.


Does this solve every problem? Sometimes not, because the individual’s own energy is also in play. But it does build a much smoother road to travel, and who doesn’t want a nice per-paved road?


To be aware of what our energy is saying, not only to others but to ourselves, puts us in the driver’s seat of our reality. We can better create what we want our lives to be.


Drive joyously. Drive aware.


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