The Effects of Spring


Spring finally popped here in central Wisconsin. The neighborhood was bustling with activities- reminding me of an ant colony suddenly awakened by the kiss of a summer promise. Dog walkers, gardeners, yard rakers, car washers and people walking themselves with big smiles on their faces were out in mass. Nothing ignites a soul coming out of winter like a true spring day.


 People I hadn’t seen in months stopped by to see how I had faired during the snows or to catch up on what the girls were doing in Pennsylvania.  There we all stood in our shorts and shirt sleeves with long hidden skin exposed in various shades of winter white, pale reminders of a season now in the books as hibernators dedicated themselves to getting a sun-kissed glow in the two days the weekend allowed. Flip-flops clacked along the sidewalks. Children were running about. Everyone was smiling, laughing and wishing well to people they didn’t even know as though the local village was locked into some sort of pandemic of drunkenness.


The difference a sunny day can make is mind boggling-but it also makes one consider the question, ‘Why isn’t everyday filled with the same joy we feel today?’


I was certainly making merry in my bare feet, flexing my toes into Mother Earth as often as possible while I went about spring cleanup…and definitely with the same giddy smile plastered on my face as everyone else displayed.  But why did I feel euphoric on this day as opposed to another? At the time, I didn’t care all that much why I felt the way I did and it appeared neither did the throngs of summer-clad people bopping around in the streets, but I wanted more. We all wanted more. And if the feelings of love and brotherhood created by the spring bloom were the only way to become joyful, well, there were going to be a lot of disappointed people for most of the year.


When we look for happiness does it come from outside ourselves or can we create from within?


We have all had a day start out less than perfect. Some just moved on from it, others used the event to make the fateful list that seals the day’s events for them and at some point can be heard to say, ‘My day started out bad and I knew it was going to go downhill from there.’ Whether consciously or not, we determine how the day will evolve; and so it does.


Certainly external events can influence our mood, but those external events do not have the power to determine how the day will unfold. Only we have that power. We create our own reality.


A beautiful spring day is to be cherished, but we should not let that be the only day we are consumed with joy. Everyday can be spring when we look within ourselves for our happiness and not remain dependent outside influences.


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