The Acorn


Early this morning I was sitting under the nice big silver maple in my yard, drinking my coffee, minding my own business, when this acorn drops from the tree at my feet. As I looked down at it resting in the new snow, I began considering how lucky I was to have an acorn drop into my life (they represent abundance) when it dawned on me there was no oak tree in my yard. Even more perplexing was the fact that I was sitting under a maple.


Then I hear a little voice say, ‘Mine.’


I look up and there, perched in the tree above me, a squirrel peeks out from over his nest of leaves. After reassuring him I was merely admiring his acorn and was not going to confiscate it, I noticed his nest.


Those things are pretty well constructed. I mean, have you ever thought about it? How do they stay in those trees? The leaves look like they are just sort of propped up there but the nests never blow down. We had some winds recently that removed my wind chimes from the house but still the squirrel nests remain in the most upper branches even when they get really rocked by a storm. Is it woven? It must be a weave. Or do they have some sort of squirrel glue made from mud and spit? That is some feat of engineering. It must be sturdy enough to hide acorns in because one just fell on me.


A sip of coffee and I decide those leaves can’t be very warm either. When the temperature dips below 5 degrees I’ve got my polar clothes on- how do they stay warm in the little weave of leaves? Those things have to be pretty breezy, fairly ‘drafty’ what with no actual walls and all. It would never do for me, a nest of leaves. The resilience of wildlife is amazing.


Why am I telling you about this? I have no idea what so ever-except that squirrel nests are darn interesting.


And to let you know that you too can solve the mysteries of the Universe- apparently all one needs is a good cup of coffee and a beautiful morning.


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