A New Year is Born!


Ah yes, the birthplace of tomorrow and of course the ‘resolutions’.


Webster defines a resolution as ‘the state or quality of being resolute; firm determination: faced the situation with resolution.’ But in regard to the New Year, a resolution is a questionable thing.


I personally do not care for resolutions for the simple fact these promises we make to ourselves seem to have a flavor of the negative. An example of a common one is to lose weight, i.e. I am inadequate. Or I am going to a gym and get exercise, in other words I’m again inadequate.  Resolutions can reflect my insecurities and focus not on what I have but on what I perceive is lacking in my life. Another reason they are on my poopie list? Society in general regards them as a goal I will probably lose interest in during the coming months (I usually do) and for that reason, I’m not so sure I am going to achieve them either.


Let’s just skip the traditional and go for something a bit more positive, such as an intention.


There is nothing wrong with trying to improve one’s quality of life of course, I just find it more satisfying to center on something that is actually going to improve my life. So I ask myself, ‘What can I do to add more enjoyment in my life?’ Who doesn’t want more joy, right? I mean, exercising doesn’t guarantee I will be around in a month; I want to have fun now!


Rather than making a resolution that reminds us of failure, gift yourself with the intention of having more joyful experiences for an example. There is no need to quantify what that might be; just trust it is on its way. Do you feel as though you are in a rut of sameness? Gift yourself positive influences that will enrich your life. The unexpected can be scary but fun. Answer the door when opportunity knocks and see where it leads you. Take a chance on yourself!


A New Year is being born and I wish an abundance of blessings and joys for you and all those you hold dear. See you next year!


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