Christmas Wishes


Being that it is Christmas week, one would think I would have something profound to say but I do not. I’m using this space to wish all my friends and family a very merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!


I am blessed to know so many people through my work with animals. Mostly dog people but some even fall into the category of ‘cat-people’, which to some individuals is the ultimate betrayal. But there are also horse people, goat people (you know who you are), snake people, and chicken people (ok, that was my sister and I). There are some who have wild animals, which to me is not proper, but I love them anyway. There are a number of friends who are fish people. And bird people. Then of course are the dog people, many, many dog people. They are the majority. Some of them ‘cross over’ into the cat, bird and fish categories and some don’t; but the ones who don’t have learned to tolerate the rest of the clan, understanding we are simply not designed to see all things the same. Believe it or not, there are some friends and family who don’t understand sharing a life with an animal companion at all (Mind! Blown!). They have no use for animals thinking them inferior; an idea I do not even begin to understand, the thought of no animals in my life is out there on Pluto or perhaps even belongs to the bizzaro world. Still they are allowed to feast at my table and drink my wine as long as they understand animals are most of my life, so dog hair and spittle will be included in the festivities.


Christmas is a special time, a time of grace and gratitude; our joy so great it is meant to spill over to touch everyone. Even those we do not understand (insert people from the bizzaro world here).


I wish you and yours the very best of holidays and the merriest of Christmas blessings. May your home be filled with blissful joy December 25th and every day thereafter.


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