Turning the Clock Back

Once again it’s time for some of us to play a little game I like to call, ‘What time is it really?’ Many people play along with me, though my animal friends never do. They don’t get the clock at all, but then, why would it be important to them?

I admit I have always been a bit annoyed at the whole ‘spring ahead, fall behind’ thing. How can we just arbitrarily decide it is no longer five o’clock? That is has mysteriously changed to four o’clock overnight?

Time is such a bizarre man-made invention anyway. Think about it. Simply changing the clock doesn’t change the time of day it is, it is still either predawn, dawn, midday- whatever. The rest of the animal world does not recognize it so one has to wonder how intelligent can watching the clock be anyway.  Consider this. Does your animal companion want to eat breakfast or dinner at the new six o’clock or is he still looking for food at the old time? They go by the old time, right? (The ‘old’ time? Wasn’t that the new time before we made it into the old time last season? UGH!)

Our animal friends go by the natural order of things like finding a bed as the light wanes, eating more food as temperatures drop to keep up their caloric intake for body heat or rising when the daylight is eminent. Wouldn’t life be grand if we didn’t have to do everything according to that silly man made, nutsy clock?

Yes, I understand we must have clocks and we must have deadlines…well, we don’t have to but that is how our society set it up. We need to be to work or the doctor or whatever at such and such a time. Don’t be late or bad things will visit upon you.

 Let’s take a job for instance. One needs to be at work at a certain time or the paycheck suffers by way of a penalty for being two minutes late. This person was paid for a day’s work, how does two minutes effect his performance? It doesn’t of course. It becomes even more muddled when one considers that the powers-that-be demonstrated to us that time isn’t a real thing anyway by virtue of them ‘changing the time’ willy-nilly- so how does two minutes become important when an hour is disregarded?

It’s a good argument and you should let me know how you fare when you present it to your boss the next time you are two minutes late.

There are those times when a clock is important. I worked on a trauma team at one point and in certain instances you knew you only had a certain amount of time before those previously discussed ‘bad things’ would visit upon your patient. If we are getting a jetliner we really don’t want all of them going up at once! But most of the time spent in our everyday lives does not require a clock.

When next you are on a lovely vacation, consider not watching the clock. Consider doing things at the pace your body sets.  After making the flight or whatever, stash the watches and make a conscious decision to unplug the clock along with the rest of your electronic toys. Live like an animal! We are the only animals on Mother Earth that invented hours, minutes and seconds so we would know when to do something. ‘On vacation’ or weekends are the perfect time to experiment with the stress free lifestyle of ‘I don’t know what a clock is’. It’s kind of addicting…

So where am I going with all this, you ask? I’m sure you don’t know, because, well I don’t know- except to say that changing the clock back and forth is a redundant biannual event concerning a man-made increment of time that does really exist in the first place. How crazy is that?

And it’s just plain stupid and it irritates me.

Oh look! As it turns out I didn’t take near as many words as I thought I did…where’s the delete button on here….

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