Something To Add

A little something unexpected can be such a pleasant surprise. It can be a grand gesture such as an unscheduled overnight getaway or something as simple as a bouquet of flowers for no reason at all, either way the event can break up the sometimes sameness of every day. They add to life.

We humans are not the only ones who enjoy a departure from routine.

Keeping your companion guessing at what might be around the corner, so to speak, engages his mind, piques the curiosity and offers another dimension of light hearted fun to her life. While we often think we need to do something bold and brassy, there are dozens of simple ways that require little planning or preparation. 

Instead of the same walking route mix it up once in a while by exploring a new trail or city sidewalk with different smells and unknown sights. You can do the same when taking a ride with your horse. Give them something unexpected to think about. Take a pocket toy along and toss it in the air for your pup to catch. Take an apple or carrot to share with your horse halfway through the ride.

A game of ‘find it’ is great fun for your dog when he thinks it’s just going to be another afternoon of watching football. Bring home a ‘busy’ toy, those creative food-stuffed cubes and balls that require a bit of brain work. Surprise your cat with a bout of chase the laser light. Or sit on the floor and give them a massage.

Most dogs love going for a ride and some cats enjoy an outing. If you have a traveler why not just take her for a spin with no particular place in mind, although my girls were partial to stopping at the ice cream stand. For your cat, place a birdfeeder in window for some kitty television. Walk down to the stable when you are not normally there and give your companion a mini-massage and treat. A bright colored ball placed in the pasture can be hours of entertainment.

The actual act isn’t as important as the intention. Like the rest of us, they like to know they were thought of during the day; they have an importance in our lives and are not taken for granted.

If we keep life bubbling around them and they will be forever young in spirit and take us along for the ride.


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