The Art of Grounding

What’s better than lying in the grass with your dog or animal companion on a crisp fall day or summer evening? Or taking a ride with your horse or mule on a beautiful fall day when those pesky flies are not as prevalent? I can’t think of too many things except maybe chocolate and I have the skill level to multitask in that department so I don’t often have to choose.

The act of lying in the grass is considered the simplest form of a technique known as grounding and it benefits your animal companion as well as yourself by gathering the Earth’s electrons and transferring those to our bodies. This can help create a balance thereby eliminating physiological dysfunction and compromised wellness in general, such as sleeplessness, aches from arthritis, stress and a number of other orders including depression. If  bare feet is not in the weather forecast there are a number of other ways to connect. A moment outside to draw a calming breath, a virtual mind trip to a forest or beach to spend a moment is useful to draw the energy of the earth into your body. (A good site for additional techniques is )

Staying connected to Mother Earth sometimes requires a bit of effort in our modern life, in contrast to our ancestors who, out of necessity, read the earth and it’s rhythms like a best-selling novel. They lived closely with her soil staining their hands, her wind blowing through their simple homes and abided by whatever rules she cared to enforce. In decades past where knowing her moods and rhythms was the most fundamental tool for survival, modern life has made it less important and over the generations we have unknowingly removed ourselves from the day to day practice of grounding to the back burner, only to discover it is still a vital part of our fabric.

Our companion animals can spend many hours in a building with us and this can lead to some of the same issues we humans have encountered. This disconnect with Mother Earth can easily be remedied by a simply walking upon her in our bare feet, hugging a tree, or getting our hands in the soil. For or animal companions it is important they spend time on the earth, let your dog dig a hole, allow a roll in the grass for your horse or riding buddy, gather some natural branches for your bird friend in his indoor dwelling if getting him outside poses too much of a hazard.

For those who are in need of scientific facts and figures, information on the ‘proven’ health benefits of grounding for you and your animal companion can be found on various websites and journals, including The Journal of Environmental and Public Health and the American Medical Association. I’m not one much for facts and figures, as some of my readers know, so I have not included that information in this blog. (I find it interesting if you claim to balance your energies by standing in the light of the full moon with your bare feet upon the earth, you are a nutbar…until science says it has pictures or whatever of energy actually moving between you and the earth, and then it’s a fact and a very sane thing to do.)

With that thought in mind, we now see that society encourages grounding as being a way to unplug from the constant distractions of modern life. Corporations are designing retreats to ground their staff (happy people are more productive), mental health fields are including it to help dissipate depression and anger and even the AMA (well, some persons in the AMA) has a toe in the boat to lessen some inflammatory processes because they have proof that electrons are gathering blah, blah, blah.

OK I have to apologize for being a bit negative there…I’m a work in progress.

There is really only one thing to remember when grounding. It feels great to be sitting upon the earth with your best friend and sharing a moment. How or why that happens is unimportant. It is only the end result that matters.

Please take a moment to gather what Mother earth so generously gifts us, her energy and love. By taking advantage of what is lying right in front of us, we can experience a joyful day, every day.

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