Horses Manes and the Lunar Eclipse

    We had an opportunity the other night to see a rare occurrence, a super blood moon with a total lunar eclipse. That in itself was well worth a trip outside as it happens only about every thirty years with the last one appearing in 1986 I believe. I watched the whole thing and I have to say it was pretty spectacular to witness since this was one of the few times the weather permitted me the luxury of having a front row seat. It was a rather perfect night.

    Now, always there are the doomsayer’s forecasts of something terrible happening whenever an event of rarity shows itself. Have you ever noticed that? There can never be a good omen. A sundog shows up in the sky three days in a row-i.e. we’re all going to die. A solar eclipse means the collapse of society. A beehive constructed in the eaves of a house surely means the house will burn down. A triple rainbow is more bad luck…how can a rainbow be bad luck? What about a blood moon with an eclipse? Well we’re all back to dying again. We Human Beings sure do spend a lot of time seeing something terrible in something beautiful.

    Take the legend of the braiding of horse’s manes. It is said that benevolent spirits braid the manes of horses during the night of a blood moon to provide protection to that animal and the family the cares for her or him. It is also considered a gift to the horse for the sharing of his or her energy with that particular spirit. Some people, being negative people, believe something else about it but we aren’t going to talk about them…’cause ‘we’re all going die’ anyway.

    What is interesting about this legend and the recent blood moon is that a number of horse guardians worldwide have registered complaints with local authorities that one or more individuals have come into their stables and braided the manes of their horses. Said individuals have taken nothing, left no trace and caused no mischief other than their nocturnal hair-stylings. The horses were relaxed and peaceful. We could go through the usual list of suspects science allows…wind knots, unkempt, unclean manes that tangle easily because of hair texture or whatever, knots caused by scratching on the stall, etc. and I must agree the braiding could be caused by that. But was it the reason for all the horses, in different places on one night?  A certain percentage could have a ‘logical’ (I’m not one much for liking that word) explanation, but in it’s entirety?  It just makes one wonder since most of these complaints were reported by respected equine people who were nuts about their companions. Stalls were clean, horses groomed (some that night) and grounds secured. I would think these people with their horses would know a ‘wind knot’ from a braid, wouldn’t they?

    It’s like Sasquatch.  Some Urbanite goes out for a weekend in the wilderness, sees something big and brown in the bushes and calls it a Sasquatch. Well of course he does, he doesn’t know any better. It could have been a pine martin or bear. But when someone who has been in the woods his whole life sees something that he knows is not like anything else he has seen in the woods, well one has to at least admit that he saw a different creature. If a thousand people claim to have seen it, you could conceive that ninety-nine of them are crackers or mistaken…but what about the one?

    How did those braids get in those manes on the night of the blood moon eclipse? Was it the magic of a blood moon eclipse? Or is that when we watch something so beautiful we create our own magic?

    However the braids were created one has to admit that something happened, something unusual. Maybe the answer is not the point, maybe the experience is.

    At any rate, I’ll be 87 years old the next time we see such a sight. And you will be able to find me in a stable somewhere…waiting for those braiders to appear.

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