Simply Complex

    I had a very moving experience the other day and I thought I would share with those who may be interested.

    I had been talking with a dog who had transitioned and her guardian was concerned because she had moved on while he was away. It is sometimes hard in those situations where we are overcome with grief to fully grasp that everything is done in perfect time, everything unfolds the way it is suppose to according to a larger plan; a difficult thing to comprehend when the heart is broken. Her guardian was in just this place when, though he didn’t truly believe a human could talk to an animal, he asked if she could forgive him for not being with her. Somewhere in our hearts we know they are not angry with us; but when they leave us, we question everything. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and so he questioned if he could be forgiven, or not.

    I asked the dog the question for the guardian and the answer was so simple yet profound it dances in my head still.

    “Forgive does not exist. There is only love.”

    The words are plain, unembellished. Yet their meaning is so complex they are almost incomprehensible to the mind when one tries to consider how ‘forgive’ cannot exist.

    To forgive, one has to have perceived a fault, either in the spirit of the deed or the physicality of the deed delivered by another. If there is no ‘forgive’ there can be no fault.

    In our world we sometimes forgive and sometimes we don’t, but we almost never forget. Even when we say we forgive and genuinely mean it, we must have recognized an unforgotten fault in another to understand it requires a forgiveness.  But what if we simply saw no fault? What if we simply accepted life as a communion of ups and downs and left it at that rather than pointing fingers at others as if they have control of how we approach life?

    “Forgive does not exist. There is only love.”

    Could it be that our dogs see no fault in us? Do they have no need to forgive because there is nothing to forget? Do they see and feel only love, unconditional? Is their love so complete it leaves no room for anything else?  No forgive? No fault? No forget? No accusations? No retribution? Can we even imagine walking through life without seeing faults, with only seeing love?

    We have always considered forgiveness a virtue to aspire to, but now we can begin to understand it is only the first step. It is the starting point, not the end result.

    The author of these words was a wise old soul. A beautiful dog who was less than perfect in body. Some people did not see the beauty…but her words cannot be deigned.

    “Forgive does not exist. There is only love.”

    It makes me want to be a better Human Being. That I may aspire to view the world through the eyes of our dogs.

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