The Little Things in Life

    A friend  and I were driving down a country road the other morning. The sun hadn’t been up but a couple hours and we had been admiring the peacefulness of our surroundings as they rolled by the car windows when suddenly as if possessed, the car careened into the other lane and my driver began to flail her free hand at something unseen.

    “Bee! Bee! There’s a bee in here!” She screamed while he unknowingly pressed his foot against the accelerator and dashed the vehicle back to our lane. Then she headed to the ditch but I pushed the wheel the other way just in time to avoid something much worse than a bee in the car.

    It’s amazing how many things the mind can process in that split second before disaster strikes…

    While I asked her to ‘stop the car!’ and ‘don’t kill the bee!’ I simultaneously announced to Great Father that I may arrive sooner than I expected since survival at that point was a far off dream as we blitzed down the road at the speed of sound. This lane! That lane! Screaming tires! Spraying gravel! Slow! Fast!

    “Just stop the car!” I yelled.

    She eventually pulled over to the side of the road but the arms remained airborne, frantic in their attempt to quash the imagined personal vendetta the bee against her. The bumble bee finally found the exit window and the  peaceful dawn was restored punctuated only by the gasping in the car as we gathered what was left of dignity.

    “That was close.” She said with relief as she indicated the direction the bee went through the window with a wave of her hand.

    I paused, then explained to her that it wasn’t exactly a hand grenade.


    While I don’t have an aversion to bees, little things in life can set my canoe on fire. (They are completely unreasonable and I would love to share them with all of you but then my friends would stand in front of me at the grocer, hunting for exact change just to watch me have a meltdown.) The thing is, the event would never get any bigger than a small, insignificant item if we just ‘let the bee, be’ so to speak because it was not about us in the first place. It just was. We actually have to work at making it into something for us to carry around for the rest of the day.

    Something to think about…that little bee.

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