Blue Moon Facts and Fiction

    We think of the blue moon as being the second full moon occurring in a single month. But did you know that is a modern definition? In 1988 a radio show described it as such and it somehow stuck but originally it was, as defined by a Maine Farmer’s Almanac, as the third full moon in a season that has four full moons. That dates back to a religious calendar from many ‘moons ago’ and is a little more complicated; of which I am not going to get into due to lack of interest and space. We will use the modern definition in this blog.

    While not ridiculously rare they do not occur commonly either. Our last blue moon was on August 31, 2012 according to people who know. Two blue moons in one calendar year is quite rare, the last time that happened was in 1999 and will probable occur around 2018 as ‘the twins’ appear about once every 19 years.

    Astrologically, the blue moon or even the double blue moon hold little effect in the cosmos as it is not determined by planetary position but rather by Man’s construction of time, the calendar. The blue moon (and full moons) do have an effect on weather patterns and tidal currents though, since the moon plays a pivotal role in the gravitational pull on the earth.

    We all have seen our animals go bonkers during a full moon, erratic behavior and general goofiness, and a blue moon means we all get extra servings of nonsense that particular month, although I’m not convinced our companions need an excuse for acting silly. Mood swings do seem to be less stable particularly during the blue phase for ourselves as well.

    There are many folktales describing what to do and not do during a blue moon. I don’t want any of my readers getting into to trouble so here is partial list.

  • In some cultures it is known that if a maiden stares at a blue moon she will become impregnated by the moon and child a monster. You don't want any part of that.

  • Welsh tradition states if a relative dies under a blue moon three more will follow him to the grave. Happy thought.

  • If a person becomes ill in the influence of the blue moon, he will die within eight days. Another happy thought. See a pattern developing?

  • Looking at the blue moon through any kind of glass, including eyewear, is going to get you bad luck for thirty days.

  • If  you harvest berries or flowers during a blue moon you will bring abundance into your life. What’s this? Something good? Of course it doesn’t say an abundance of what…

  • In Gypsy culture if you sleep with the blue moon’s light on your face you will go insane. Keep those shades and curtains drawn just in case. For some people I know it’s just plain too late.


Even though it appears as if superstition has determined the blue moon is a harbinger of nothing good, energetically speaking it holds great power. It is a wonderful time to release the old to make room for the new, even if we don’t know exactly what that new is. Remember, nothing new can enter your life if your life is already filled with the old. Make some space.

Rejuvenate yourself for the coming month, get those juices flowing, create the life you want. But just in case there is any truth to the list don’t nod off with your glasses on while you’re out there with a maiden.

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