Mirror, Mirror

    We had a wicked storm the other night with tree whipping winds, thunder, lightning, hail and sheets of rain. I’m a pretty sound sleeper but it managed to wake me up so I watched the show for awhile. Very impressive.

    What do the animals do in this kind of weather? That’s the sort of questions that wonders through my mind when the weather turns inhospitable. You would think I would be alone in my ponderings but no, I met a person walking her dog and she admitted she wonders the same type of things. She was five years old.

    The morning after the storm she was walking her puppy with her dad. I was pulling weeds in my front flower beds and so she offered to shout at me that she had a new puppy, even though I had never met her before. But who can resist an invitation to see a new puppy, especially when her walker was so adorably excited about it.

    So I went over to say ‘hi’.

    Puppy’s name is Bella. She still potties in the house but it’s not her fault because she is a baby but she is a very good puppy and wasn’t even afraid of the noise last night because she is a very good puppy and we just slept in bed together and she is very soft. Feel her!

    She hardly took a breath as she caught me up on everything Bella.

    I agreed she was very soft and very pretty. Dad and I conversed about the storm. Yes, that was something…lose any trees?…no, you?... no, just a lot of noise and wind….

    “I wasn’t afraid and neither was Bella.” The child injected. “She’s a good puppy. But we were worried about the  birds because it was scary outside.”

    “Me too!” I said smiling, “I worry about that stuff all the time!”

    “Your puppy’s big!” She said pointing to the picture window in front of my house. I saw Ammulett sitting in her usual perch looking out the window with her head resting on the sill.

    Now she really had my attention.

    “She is a big puppy, isn’t she? Her name is Ammulett.” I looked quickly to dad who he shrugged his shoulders in confusion. I asked the girl, “Can you talk to Ammulett?”

    She nodded slightly and  whispered. “She wants to play with Bella.”

    Dad was about to say something when I looked at him and nodded as I said, “Yup, Ammulett loves to play with puppies.”

    He was still very confused and I asked the girl to tell Dad what Ammulett looks like. Which she did in a five year old way. Then I  went to the house to retrieve a picture of my beautiful Ammulett, presented it to Dad and told him Ammulett has passed away two years ago.

    “No.” he says. “This is….No…What’s the trick?”

    “There’s no trick.” I winked at the girl whose name I discovered was Piper. “Is there?”

    Piper shook her head.

    “I bet you like talking with animals too.” I stated. “So do I.”

She gasped and turned to her dad with such a big smile in made me laugh. Dad said she did talk to animals all the time and in fact told them Bella’s name was Bella.

    “But it’s just a child thing…”,  Dad said with a shake of his head.

    “Oh, it’s a thing alright.” I agreed.

    We spent quite awhile there in my front yard discussing the possibilities. I could see a distant look in his eyes, like he was recalling previous events and I knew his mind was reviewing other things Piper had said or done in the past. Perhaps looking for a logical explanation.

    At the end he asked for my business card, though he admitted he was convinced that the whole thing was nothing more than a parlor trick of sorts. But, I am used to that.

    I hope to get that call someday. It would be nice to encourage the belief in the possibilities life offers. To tell a child it is alright to embrace the pieces of life we don’t really understand but our heart knows to be true. To consider everything and deny the limitations we set on ourselves and our world. If we all believed in limitless power of the Universe, what  would be possible?

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