A Servant to Man?

    One day a week, a Tuesday I think, I watch a couple get ice cream cones at one of my favorite haunts. They walk out to the parking lot and she gets in the passenger side, pops a cute little mop in her lap and holds the cone as the dog slowly eats it while her husband opens the side of the van and serves a Great Dane his cone in a dish. Every once in a while the dog’s servant wipes the cream from his jowls. The dogs don’t hurry through it either. They know it’s their time. They know they are being served.

    Whoever claimed that the dog was a servant of man was not very observant I think. He certainly never witnessed some of the things I see or hear about in my corner of the dog world. Some of the things we all do every day to sweeten the lives of our companions.

    If he suddenly doesn’t like his food we run to the store, the grocery store more than likely, to pick up some hearts or chicken or liver. We fry it or roast it just so. Maybe try it raw or lightly sautéed. If that doesn’t work it’s time to feed by hand. I have a puppy of Vision’s in Long Island with a great family and when he got to be a picky eater, mama fed him waffles with a fork. He is no longer a puppy but I’m sure if need be the waffle service would be reinstated. Sammy knows how to ring the service bell.

    In the Leonberger world we have what is known as the ‘Leonberger Waltz’.  That time honored tradition of not disturbing the sleeping giants scattered about the kitchen floor as they await the inevitable miscue. (For some reason there is almost always more than one Leonberger in a home.) We step over, twist and dance are way to the refrigerator, then chassé and chaînés our way back to the stove with hands full, all the while watching our feet. And what with some of us not being all that graceful, there are the occasional stitches in the forehead, cracked wrist and sprained ankle…but ‘there were no animals injured in the making of this dinner’ is often the closing argument.

    If we are otherwise occupied for most of the day, like working for a living, we make excuses to cancel evening events so we can spend quality time with our dogs. Vacations? Not unless the dog is also invited because she really doesn’t like the boarding kennel. Grilling steaks? There is always a extra one on the fire. When we sleep, we try not to move around on the bed too much or we will disturb a certain someone…and it’s not the spouse.

    One has to wonder who the pack leader is and who went astray.

    We did of course. It is apparent that most of us serve them. But it seems the least we can do for the King or Queen of our hearts.

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