The Long Distance Romance

It sounds a bit like a Bogart movie, doesn’t it? (Well, at least for those of us who know what a ‘Bogart movie’ is.)  But I admit it. I’m having an affair of sorts with my girls Vision and Echo, my Leonberger dog littermates who now live very far from me. It's more of a 'Who am I not having an affair with' I suppose. They say it doesn’t work, the long distance romance, but I beg to differ. While it is not like having them right next to me, it is the best that circumstances will allow and sometimes in life that is enough.

I am not alone in my musings because in one way or another we all partake in a long distance romance every time we leave four-legged kids or they leave us. Whether it is to run errands or drop them at the kennel or leave them at the vet or send puppies on their way to a new family we wonder silently to ourselves how they are faring, are they happy and are they thinking of us like we are of them? We even have ‘affairs’ with our animals that have made their transition to another world.

We speak of ‘letting go’, but I’m not sure we really do. I have used the phrase often in describing my situation of re-homing the girls or when making that unbelievably awful decision we all seem to face at one point or another. Yet do we ever really ‘let them go’?

They are certainly not forgotten, they have not left our lives; whether they are physically here or not, and they dance through our minds at the oddest times…or most of the time. I was at a Barn hunt event (see blog titled ‘There is a New Game in Town’) the other day and throughout the day my Vision kept popping into my head because she would have loved the game of finding the rat. Made for a little bit of a long day, but it also made me smile quite often.

So where is the letting go? I suggest we don’t, not really. We adjust, we accept, we learn to tolerate their absence. We wonder and question and long for them. They dot our mind with the fantasy of what was or might have been and what we thought should have been. We feel them and they us. They kiss pieces of our minds to quiet the pain and lick at our dreams on a fitful night. They cuddle and hug and comfort us, no matter where they are.  

They were, are and will always be a part of us. And so love continues on it’s eternal path…with no letting go but of a holding on to the little pieces we shared together, for a time that is always too short.

If that is not a romance, I don’t know what is.

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