Summer Solstice

    The Summer Solstice is here! The long awaited flower of summer has finally blossomed and this year it is conjunction with a full moon making it a very powerful solstice indeed.

    Technically, the summer solstice (solstice is Latin for ‘sun stands still’) is when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer, making it the longest day of the year for the northern hemisphere. But for some of us, including myself, it is the energetic influences of the solstice that make it a day to circle on our calendars, because whether one understands or is interested in the energies or not, the influence is there. Sort of a ‘if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear, does it still make a sound?’ thing.

    The summer solstice is a time of fertility for Mother Earth and all her children (a person really has to work at NOT being successful with a production of any kind when done during the solstice, be it a breeding, a new project or self-renewal). It is a great time to release any emotions one may have, such as fear or grief, that can hold one back from a fresh start.     Do you have a ‘wish list’ for the coming summer? Manifesting is at it’s zenith during the solstice and backed up by the full moon tonight there is not a better day in the astrological year that compares.

How best to celebrate it is up to the individual. It can be as simple as a gathering of friends for a backyard barbeque or as complex as making the journey to Stonehenge with all the ritual of ancient times in tow.

    This year I chose to celebrate it quietly and internally with meditation. I had considered what I wanted for the coming year but it became more about being grateful.  Grateful for all the animals that have shared their lives with me. They not only taught me what love is suppose to be but also the importance of being present, in the ‘now’, and how to let go of things that cannot be changed. All works in progress of course, but at least now I know what the words actually mean. They led me down the path of life to where I now stand. It is a good place to be and I am excited to see where else the road will take me. I began my day with a list of desires, yet I ended it with a thankfulness of where I had been…an interesting departure I had not expected.

    So Happy Summer Solstice to my friends and family!  Have a beer on the deck, laugh with some friends or look up at that beautiful full moon tonight. Whatever your pleasure, I wish you all a joyous and lovely summer.

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