An Anniversary of Sorts

    About a year ago my girls, Vision and Echo, left me, well they left my home…and they didn’t leave me as much as I left them. I was no longer able to take care of them so I re-homed them to a family that could. It was a decision that was over a year in the making and even then, not quite believable to me when the day for us to part did arrive. In the beginning there were sleepless nights, days filled with doubt and wondering if I had made the right decision.

    But that was then and this is now. I’m pleased to report that today the girls are as happy as can be in their new home, fat and sassy and terribly loved. Their guardians adore them, thinking they are perhaps the smartest two dogs on the planet (they are of course, no agreement here.) Herb describes them as beautiful, brainy and oozing with love for everyone they meet. (Yes, that sounds like them.) They follow June around hanging on her every word no matter if she is telling them to try to remember they are big girls and please be careful with the table lamp or giving them a lesson in the proper way to do a load of laundry. They mug poor Herb every day, drowning him in kisses whenever he comes through the door. It is a perfect union. Vision and Echo are where they are suppose to be at this time in their life and I am blessed that Herb, June and myself found each other. I started the girls lives and Herb and June will be there at the end.  

    Two homes is twice the love and it is so fortunate that our girls will be loved by many more because they experienced two homes.

    Their life is different now, but beautiful just the same. Just as they had opportunities with me, they now have new ones with Herb and June. I never would have allowed a hot dog eating contest, nor let them run free off leash, nor taken them to pow-wows where they are loved and adored by even more people. There were no Sunday drives and drive-thru burgers with me. Although apparently we both end up with huge dogs in our laps during a thunderstorm…so not everything is different.

    I am so thankful to have  a close relationship with their guardians and I talk to the girls often so we are not truly apart, they are just not in my home.

    I suppose a jaded eye might think my viewpoint might be askew, maybe even a dash to the right of reality…I am somewhat known for my rose-colored glasses…but it has nothing to do with any of that.

    There is a simpler  answer for my perception of the events.

    When my dogs are happy, I am happy.

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