Delays in Landscaping

    I’ve been doing some planting and rearranging in my back yard since the girls have left. There is a evergreen shrub under my bedroom window that has been less than loved for many years. Ever springtime I get out my ‘saws-all’ and threaten it but I never quite get the chance to remove it because cardinals or sparrows take up residence in it and I can’t really in good conscious, upset their newly woven nests. It’s become a running joke in my neighborhood because whenever the cardinal babies are fledged, somebody else sets up house and I have to wait, staring at this bush with my saws-all, muttering ‘just you wait’ at the local wildlife.

    Since the bush was currently occupied I decided to move some of the zebra grass around instead. So I got my bucket and hand spade to set about moving some of the grass to a more picturesque locale when I discover baby bunnies in a nest. Five of them. Hmm, no grass arranging today. And I couldn’t do any weeding over by the birch tree because a mama squirrel set up shop there and gets VERY upset when she is disturbed.

    I do have limits though…I can take down a wasp nest with only an apology…as I run blindly from the scene of destruction.

    I have friends who are like minded. But some of my neighbors want to know what’s wrong with me. Still others want to take me to dinner while their friends ‘get my yard in order’ for me. I’m sure their hearts are in the right spot. They say it’s only a rabbit, it will find a new home or the sparrows are invasive so they get what they deserve and the squirrel, well, we know how they feel about squirrels although I have not recently had walnuts throw at my house nor notes in my mailbox telling me to quit feeding them.

    Are these the same people who believe ‘it’s just a dog’?  Because if one feels animal ‘A’ is not deserving of consideration, then would it not stand to reason  that they presume animals ‘B’, ‘C’ and so on are also not deserving of consideration and respect? What is the difference?  Maybe we make an imaginary line. These we will consider, these we will not…like the wasps nests I spoke about earlier. I didn’t have problems ‘relocating’ them, but why did I determine it was alright to do so?  Certainly the wasps saw it different.

    Maybe it’s an evolution. We start with something ‘easy’ to love. Dogs, cats, baby anything and evolve from there, each time extending that compassion just a little bit to encompass someone new. (Someone meaning any living being.)

    It is a ripple effect I suppose. We live, we experience, we evolve. We like, we love, we cherish. And we are all in different starting positions.

As far as myself, well, I got a ways to go. Apparently, I’m a gluttonous carnivore with wasp killing tendencies…

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