Bad Mushrooms

    Those of us with dogs and winter have been spending our ‘spare’ time plucking pooh for our yards and while we think we are done with dog-related yard work, we need to remember that soon it will be mushroom picking time. And I’m not talking about edible ‘shrooms either.

    There was a very sad case brought to my attention, which I’m not going to get into because that sadness is running around in my head and you don’t need it running around in yours, but it is enough to say spring brings some unexpected challenges. This is just a reminder to keep an eye open for fungi as it can sprout over night and can lead to heartbreak.

    Those little brown mushrooms, known as LBM in the fungi world, have numerous subtypes and species, of which most are poisonous, so it is not just the toadstool looking types to be wary of and every geographical region has their own indigenous species.

    So how do we keep up? There are several links at the end of this blog that can help identify what mushrooms are poisonous and knowing that could help save your pup’s life when it might be necessary to indentify the mushrooms for a vet.

    Even though I use the ‘scorched earth’ approach and pick every mushroom I find in my yard, they spring up almost right before my eyes in certain conditions so some are going to be missed. I just do the best I can.

    When Echo was little, around six months old, I saw her testing something with her paw, patting something interesting she had found and then she popped it in her mouth. It was a mushroom! I flipped out and screamed, ‘Don’t eat that!’

    That LBM went flying about eight feet. She spit that thing out like she was a camel or something. We were very lucky.

    We cannot keep all danger from those we love, at least not if we want them to have a life that is worth living but we can do our best in keeping the things we know are potential threats. Hopefully this blog will save the life of a dog, and then some of that sadness running around in my head will fade.




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