Let’s paint a picture.

    A summer day ends, finding you sitting on the shore of a quiet lake. The light breeze causes no ripple on the mirror of water and so the last bit of sun casts a true reflection of itself in a wash of pink, mauve and lavender against the deep black-green of the forested opposite shore. Even though it is not dark yet the nightsong softly begins with crickets, then frogs and an occasional loon serenading the first couple of stars that dot the navy blue sky. A Blue Heron walks through the lily pads, making no sound except for the light splash as he captures a fish. He sees you, but continues to hunt. The water smells fresh and alive as does the night air, laced with the scent of damp earth and green growing plants. Some little animal scurries in the leaves just feet from you but you sit still, relaxed, becoming one with the moment, afraid to break the spell because the whole event is fragile, fading and magical. More stars pop into the sky as the world turns from twilight to darkness. The songs of the frogs are joined by more until it becomes a so strong you can feel the vibration from it. Somewhere in the woods across the now dark lake an Great Horned Owl hoots a greeting to another. The loon’s laughter bounces off the water from a hidden cove along the water. And now you are forever a part of it, a piece of your heart belongs here, always.

    Who would we become without this tiny piece of earth? Without a place to regroup and slow down the thoughts that invade us every day, without a quiet place to renew our souls?

    Most of us do not want to know, yet environmental issues are on the back burner when it comes to everyday life and the economy. We want what we want and quite simply, if the condition of the earth was the priority it should be, we would see more political agendas reflecting that. Have you ever asked the pollsters (when they make that annoying survey call) what the environmental stand of their candidate is? I have. And there is dead silence on the other end of the phone, except once. That does not bode well for our future, nor the earth’s.

    Together we must make Mother Earth the priority of our society, or society will become no more. There are many important issues every country has to face, both economic and political, but at some point we must balance those problems with the one problem that can nullify them all, an unhealthy planet.

    We breathe the oxygen that she provides every minute, we walk upon her every day, we hear her music and marvel at her beauty as we follow our path in life. She is strong, she is soft, she is immense and she is tiny. She is alive. And so are we because of her. The time has passed to leave it for someone else to fix, we are who is left and so it falls on us.

    I can do better as far as healing the earth. We all can do better.

    Because  none of us wants to wake up one day to discover that the only way to get to that lake is words on a piece of paper.

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