The Elephant Whisperer

    I just finished a very good book and I thought I would share, since it’s not quite time to plant those tomatoes in my area of central Wisconsin.

    The title drives me insane but The Elephant Whisperer is a wonderful book by Lawrence Anthony (with Graham Spence) dealing with the reintroduction of wild elephants in a area of Africa that hadn’t seen them in over a century. It is a rogue herd scheduled to be destroyed unless he can take them. The pace of the book is wonderful and rich in African and Zulu history and lore but what really intrigued me was his discovery that he could ‘communicate’ with these elephants. Though he doesn’t understand nor completely trust the idea, as he interacts with this herd, he knows something beyond what science allows is happening.

    His love affair with his wild places is heartfelt and easily comes through in the narrative, along with tidbits of African culture which I found inspiring and thought provoking. Mr. Anthony is quite up front in the prologue that he was not a scientist but a conservationist, had no ‘proof’ of what was happening other than it happened (my kind of guy), but gives an enlightening snippet of Mother Earth caring for her charges in ways that befuddle science. Read the prologue.

    Mr. Anthony has also written Babylon’s Ark, his pivotal role in rescuing the animals of the Bagdhad Zoo during the war. It was written before The Elephant Whisperer but the events overlap and not only does the event itself promise to be interesting ,(what inspires people to do what they do is always thought provoking) but, as a animal communicator, I am curious as to if the ‘light bulb’ started going on in respect to how we ordinary people become introduced to the speaking with animals. And then of course I have his The Last Rhino ordered, written after The Elephant Whisperer, that centers on his efforts to save the last herd of White Rhino’s left in the world from the Congo, a dicey place in the best of circumstances. And from a personal perspective, I am curious as to how the new knowledge he gained in The Elephant Whisperer comes into play as he tries to save the white Rhinos.

    I like this series of books as it shows a true progression of not only his enlightenment but ours as well. A very good read.

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